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Why Now is the Best Time to Invest in London Commercial Property to Rent Or to Buy

Tuesday, August 31st, 2016

While the recession is undoubtedly causing problems for industries and businesses across the country, it is also providing commercial property investors with an unprecedented opportunity to buy property at prices that have not been seen for around 5 years. The current situation has seen the prices of commercial property in London drop to an all-time low.

Balancing the cost of borrowing against return is the key to successful property management. A recent survey by a well known property firm , suggests that the cost of commercial property in London has dropped by as much as 44% in some areas. Due to the recession, many of these offices are left standing empty, costing freeholders money and forcing them to drop prices even further. As a result, new and small businesses have taken the opportunity to expand and buy London commercial property that they simply wouldn’t have been able to afford during the preceding property boom.

In addition, the survey seems to indicate that more businesses are taking advantage of the reduced rents that have been introduced as a by-product of the current financial downturn. London has always been the central hub for most of the UK’s industry and commerce. It offers more to businesses than just low prices: it offers them the chance to innovate and grow. The available pool of talent in the capital has widened and deepened, with lots of highly qualified people ready to take on new challenges. More and more companies are recognising that this is the time to inject fresh talent into their business.

The opportunities for private investors looking to buy commerical property to lease in London have also grown. In addition, the price of London property is predicted to begin an increase at some stage during the course of 2016; investors will be able to increase rents accordingly and see a profit on their initial investment. As the price of property increases, investors will also see themselves in a position to make further profit from the sale of these buildings.

Shivani Gurtu-Louth – Operations Manager of Devono Property Limited. Devono are the only commercial property estate agents in London to exclusively represent tenants looking for office space and commercial property in London. We can also help you find serviced offices in London. Our aim is to secure the best commercial property at the best price.

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Author: Shivani Gurtu-Louth
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By Chris Jamieson

£500pcm, Kilburn (NW6): "Double room in Kilburn"

Tuesday, August 31st, 2016

Large double room in modern three bedroom flat available for 3 months, from 17 September to 16 December. Flat located right on Kilburn High Road, two minutes from tube (Jubilee) and also very near overground and bus routes to central London. Being on Kilburn High Road, the flat is near lots of pubs and bars, a lovely cinema and park and a short train ride from Hampstead Heath. Rent is 500pcm bills (70-80 approx per month). This includes wi-fi internet and…

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By Chris Jamieson

£477pcm, West Hampstead (NW6): "Wonderful double bedroom for rent in fun flat"

Tuesday, August 31st, 2016

AREA Location West Hampstead, safe neighbourhood. Transport Links West Hampstead station Jubilee Line (station is 8 min. away) Kilburn Park station Bakerloo Line (station is 10 min. away) West Hampstead overground (train station is 8 min. away) West Hampstead Thameslink to Kings Cross and London Bridge (train station is 9 min. away) 24 hour bus to Oxford Street (bus stop is 2 min. away). Amenities West Hampstead pubs, restaurants and…

See £477pcm, West Hampstead (NW6): "Wonderful double bedroom for rent in fun flat" for original article.

By Chris Jamieson

Looking For Office Space to Rent in London Despite the Credit Crunch?

Monday, August 30th, 2016

Knight Frank suggests that banks and financial institutions have increased their demand for short-term lets by over 80% in the last few months, taking up contracts of around 18 months. In the past, the period involved would have been anything from 10 to 20 years.

This change of heart reflects the theory that many of the major banks are considering sizeable redundancies in the face of the credit crunch. As these are implemented, the demand for renting larger buildings looks set to decrease and this will in turn drag the rest of the market price tags down. Investors had been setting their sights firmly on Canary Wharf and offices in the City as the new rental hot-spots, but a drop in demand has already reduced the rise in rents that were anticipated to last until 2016.

With the rest of the market following the banks, demand for office space is slowing, forcing landlords to lower their prices. Whilst they may not want to do this, it is a more prudent move than having their office space in London sitting empty until the economy recovers. Those taking advantage of the lower priced offices in London are also finding it quicker to find suitable property. A recent report by The Daily Telegraph has found that most tenants are able to find London offices and are viewing between just six and ten properties, compared with much higher viewing figures over the last few years. In short, as a result of the credit crunch the office rental market in London has become a tenant’s market.

The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors has made a prediction that could spell further bad news for landlords, and offer further benefits for tenants. They foresee that the growth for office rental in London could fall to ’sub-inflation’ levels by the end of the year. The reason behind this is that, with so many offices threatening to become unoccupied, there is also an excess of supply over demand. This looks set to work in the favour of the tenant. Add this to the fact that there are over 12 million square feet of office space being built in the capital, and the future for landlords looks pretty bleak.

London’s office tenants look set to be able to enjoy a side benefit produced by the credit crunch, as the state of the economy forces landlords to push their prices down or face a situation where many of their offices remain empty and unused.

Shivani Gurtu-Louth – Operations Manager of Devono Property Limited. Devono are the only commercial property agents in London to exclusively represent tenants looking for commercial property and office space in London to rent. Our aim is to secure the best commercial property at the best price.

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Shivani Gurtu-Louth

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Author: Shivani Gurtu-Louth
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By Chris Jamieson

Whereabouts to Live in London

Monday, August 30th, 2016

What should you look for when choosing where to live in London? This article isn’t designed to tell you where the best areas of London are, but more to help you work out what factors are important to you, when deciding whereabouts to live in London.

Personal Circumstances – your own personal situation is a vital consideration in choosing an area to live in. Probably the most important factor is related to the location of your work. If you already have a job contract, then you’ll need to work out how far away from work you wish to live. 45-60 minutes per single journey is a reasonably average amount of commuting time for most Londoners, although many people have much shorter or longer journeys. You might choose to live on the same tube line as the station nearest to your workplace. Alternatively, you might absolutely hate the idea of travelling on a humid underground system in the summer months and prefer to use a bus or rail route to get from A to B. These are all your personal decisions and there is no right or wrong answer, just make sure you have a think about it before you make a commitment.

Also falling under the ‘personal’ bracket is your social life. If you already have mates living in London, then you might want to live reasonably near them. Many people move to London and assume that they’ll see their friends all the time. But if you happen to live in Southgate and your best friend lives in Crystal Palace then that’s well over 60 minutes away. You’ll end up compromising by always meeting in Central London, which is fine, but if you want to be popping into your friend’s house for coffee and a catch-up all the time, you’ll need to think about living closer to them.

Local amenities – if you’re the type of person who enjoys to live near an active night scene, then keep that in mind. You might choose to live nearer Central London than further out in the sticks. Also, some London areas really require that you have your own transport, particularly to get to the supermarket, whilst others have everything within walking distance. However, there are some things that you need to remember. An area with a busy high street full of bars, restaurants, market-stalls and shops might seem like a great location to live near, but if you want an early night and you can’t sleep because of all the commotion outside, then you might wish you’d gone for a slightly more ‘boring’ location. Again, there are no right or wrong answers, these are simply your personal preferences.

Investment – if you’re looking to buy a property, then it’s a good idea to try an area out by renting there first before you commit to owning property there. In London, you can choose to buy in an area which has already been popular for many years. An area falling into this category will most likely have good transport links and a multitude of bars, restaurants and shops on it’s high street. Wimbledon and Clapham both fall into this category. Properties here, to rent or buy will be quite pricey, but they are unlikely to wane in popularity. On the other hand, you might want to choose an area which is considered to be ‘up-and-coming’. To be honest, there are very few areas of London that haven’t already up-and-come! Even areas that used to be quite dodgy have now been swallowed up into the territories of their wealthier neighbours. However, there are still some areas which could have potential for investment. Look for areas which are due to get new transport links in the near future. For example, areas in South-East London which are about to feature on the London Overground map are well worth a look. Remember that up-and-coming areas, might not already have all the local amenities that you desire. There might be one good pub or bar on the local high street, but the idea is that more might follow.

Crime – London is a capital city and some areas are more edgy and dangerous than others. If you’re female and living alone, you might want to live closer to Central London so that you have a quick journey home after a heavy night out. On the other hand, if you’re not into late nights and parties, then you might prefer to live a little further out and be content living in a more village-like location.

Take some time to decide exactly what you want to get out of living in London, before you commit to moving to a London area.

Rebecca runs – an online guide on how to move to London for young professionals and graduates. Do you know whether you want to live in Clapham or Islington? The site provides detailed information on 28 popular residential areas, including listings for letting agents, recruitment agencies, trendy pubs and bars, restaurants, transport links and open spaces. There is also a wealth of information available on working in London – from how to sign up with the best temping agencies, to graduate career advice and interview technique. Finally, for those unsure on how to use London’s extensive public transport system, there are step-by-step guides to ensure you turn up to work at the right time on your first day.

Author: Rebecca Noori
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By Chris Jamieson

£780pcm each, West Hampstead (NW6): "Double room on West End Lane, West Hampstead"

Monday, August 30th, 2016

Myself and another flatmate are moving out and are looking to rent out our rooms. One flatmate is remaining. Existing flatmate 25 year old lawyer, Adam. Outgoing, sporty, loves going out and enjoying London life. The flat Second floor flat, completely new and modern. Bright, spacious, in the heart of West Hampstead on West End Lane (opposite Alice House). Open plan kitchen and living room full of natural light. Kitchen fully fitted with all equipment…

See £780pcm each, West Hampstead (NW6): "Double room on West End Lane, West Hampstead" for original article.

By Chris Jamieson

£160pw, South Hampstead (NW6): "Lovely flat in West Hampstead / St Johns Wood"

Monday, August 30th, 2016

Lovely, spacious and friendly flat in safe attractive street. Flat comprises top 2 floors of converted house, with 2 bathrooms, 3 bedrooms, kitchen, living room and a balcony. The other flatmates are friendly but also independent. One is a Student and the other works in Finance. Great location just 5 mins from Kilburn Park Tube station on Bakerloo Line, 2mins from Kilburn High Road Train St. 10mins from West Hampstead Tube St. and Swiss Cottage St. on Jubilee Line…

See £160pw, South Hampstead (NW6): "Lovely flat in West Hampstead / St Johns Wood" for original article.

By Chris Jamieson

Tenant Demand Pushes Rent To Highest In Almost Five Years

Monday, August 30th, 2016

Rent rises accelerated for the second consecutive quarter driven by a combination of economic and demographic factors says RICS, in its recent quarterly lettings survey for February-April. RICS say that 20 percent more chartered surveyors report a rise in rental levels, with rents climbing at their fastest pace since July 2001. Economic growth, rising employment and inward migration from the EU has increased upward pressure on rents. Surveyors are also confident the upward trend will be sustained into the next quarter of 2006.

The survey shows that instructions to let property continued to grow at a steady pace but have been outstripped by tenant demand for the eighth consecutive quarter. Tenant demand in London accelerated to twice the long run average with rising rents pushed by increases in migrant labour amongst other factors.

Investors are holding on tight to their existing properties. The proportion of those selling property where tenancies have expired dropped to 3.8% in the quarter to April, the lowest outcome in two and a half years.
RICS spokesperson Jeremy Lead commented “Investors are holding fast to property as healthy house prices and strong tenant demand hearten expectations of capital growth. The news is not so good for first time buyers with house prices continuing to rise and the alternative of renting steadily becoming more expensive. Economic prosperity and population migration have increased rental demand making conditions better for property investors. The recent choppy ride for equities means interest rates are less likely to rise which is good news for investment.”

RICS say that the average rent in the country was £778 per calendar month in January 2006. Rent for a one bedroom flat in Britain was £589 pcm, a two bedroom flat £727 pcm, a three bedroom semi detached house £925 pcm and for a four bedroom detached house £1245. Excluding London, the average rent was £564 pcm. The highest rents are paid in London and the south east (£1763 and £779 respectively). The next highest are eastern and south west, both at £586. Wales and Scotland have the lowest rents at £394 and £420. In England the lowest rents are in the east midlands at £448.

Gross yields remained virtually unchanged for the second consecutive quarter, rising only slightly.

You can read more information at

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Author: Daniel Soar
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By Chris Jamieson

Looking for Available Property for Rent in Acton?

Monday, August 30th, 2016

A little bit about Acton

Acton is located in the London Borough of Ealing on the west side of London of which there is a population of 300,947. The majority of the population of the borough is aged between 20-34 of which this is 27.63%. Being in London there are all the expected facilities of the big city either within the local centre, including pubs, wine bars, clubs and discos, cinemas, bowling and concerts. If you are big on eating out then you can enjoy a truly vast range of foods including Indian, Italian, Chinese, French, Greek, Spanish, Mexican and more.

Acton is situated on the main underground and there are stations on the central, Piccadilly and District lines into and out of the city all within the town itself or close proximity. There are also local line train stations operating Silverlink and First Great Western Services.

Some links that you may find of interest where you can find more information on Acton.

Ealing Borough Website

Where is Acton located in London?

Renting Property in Acton

There is a wide range of property available in Acton, ranging from purpose built flats of 1 and 2 bedrooms, 1 bedroom modernized traditional terraced houses, traditional terrace properties, fantastic family houses to executive detached properties. Ensuring that there is a property to suite everybody in Acton and surrounding areas.

Before you start your rental search the first thing to do is make a decision on your budget you have available either a monthly or weekly basis. Remember to take into consideration all of the bills which generally will be your responsibility, these will include council tax plus amenities including electricity, gas and water. Plus factor in other overheads you may have, for example a car or credit cards. Once your budget is fixed then you can begin your research. Don’t forget that you generally will require one months’ rent and a deposit equivalent to one months rent on the day of move in. This can vary and it would be advisable to ask the letting agent in advance as to what the charges are.

Doing the research

Before rushing into the centre to look into the letting agent shop windows make sure that you are prepared. Research is important in order that you get a good idea of what property you can get for your budget. The first place to start your research is to have a good look on the internet, if this is available to you. There are a number of ways to do this, by far and away the quickest method is to use one of the online property portals. These are internet sites that have multiple agents listing their property, this saves you time and you get to see a range of property made available by a number of letting agents.

What do the Property Portals offer to help your search?

There are a number of key services made available by residential letting property portals, the main ones are listed below.

Multiple Emailing Service

Email service to all agents advertised on the site, sending details of your requirements. The agent then contacts you with property details that may apply.

Property Specific Email Service

Email service to send directly to the letting agent your interest in a specific property advertised.

Website Click Throughs

Click through to the advertised letting agents own website.

A good example of a portal that offers these services is Rentright Residential Property Letting Portal – Acton Page from here you can perform any or all of the actions listed above.

Rentright is only one of the major property portals, if you do not find what you require here then you may find it on another.

Where do you go from here?

OK, so on recap, the budget is set, research has been performed on line and an idea of the type of property available in your budget has been gained. The next task you might want to perform is the ‘area’ research. Depending on your requirements of what you want will depend on what would be classed as a suitable area to live. For example you may want to live in Acton centre, near to the tube or train station or the local school. A similar process to your property research would be to do some internet checks a good site is UpMyStreet which offers a wide range of details on demographics, crime details, council details and much more.

Refining your list

Once you are happy with the research then, if you have already found a property/properties of interest on the internet then contact the letting agent and arrange a viewing. If not then you may consider visiting the letting agent website directly and registering your details with them or making a trip to the centre to visit the agents personally. Remember that it is also best to visit a property at different times of the day in order to get the overall picture of the area.

Some useful tips when you search

(A) Fix your budget

(B) Research available property on the internet

(C) Research the areas where you are interested in renting

(D) Contact Letting Agents in Acton or surrounding area to arrange viewings

(E) Re-Visit an area on different occasions

Letting Agents you may like to Try

Colin Bibra Estate Agents, Profilerealty, Japan Services Ltd, D H Lumsden Residential, Hantons Property Consultants, Ludlow Thompson, Patterns and Co.

Chris Courtis is the co-founder of Rentright Property Letting Portal where you can find information and property for rent. Rentright is a resource available for Property Letting Agents to advertise their property and covers the whole of the UK

Statistical data in this article has been used and permitted by UpMyStreet and is accurate at the date this article was written.

Author: Chris Courtis
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By Chris Jamieson

£135pw, South Hampstead (NW6): "Big dbl Bedroom in absolutely great 3-bedroom flat"

Sunday, August 29th, 2016

Hi there, we have a big room available (15 m2) in a really nice flat. It has heigh ceilings, all good sized rooms and a lovely airy feel to it The room comes furnished with a double bed, chest of drawers and a wardrobe. And there is plenty of space to put a desk in The flat is in a very pretty and safe area (was really lucky that we found it). There is the metropolitain line, jubilee line and night busses just 7 min walk away. If you prefer the overground (one…

See £135pw, South Hampstead (NW6): "Big dbl Bedroom in absolutely great 3-bedroom flat" for original article.

By Chris Jamieson