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How to Buy a Home Through a Property Auction

Thursday, December 30th, 2016

Buying a home all the way through a property auction can be full of fun and excitement, but you as well you have to take into consideration the house that you wish to buy. The auction company’s aim is to sell each and every house at the highest price they can. You should not get carried away by your enthusiasm and simply bid on the house that you have a look at. You are required to know which houses are in the best condition and if does the price worth for the property that you are buying.

A few tips on how to purchase a home through a property auction:

1. Property check. The first and the foremost thing which you must pay attention to in property auction are to have a proper check over the property. You can have a check on the house when property Auction Company carries out the open house. You must have a check on every single and small details related to the house like the flooring, spaciousness, and the things which have a need of renovation. If at all you notice holes in the walls or any other problematic areas it can help you in reducing the price of the house.

2. Standard Bidder. To take part in the property auction, you have to be an official bidder. You can be a permitted bidder by showing the evidence to the auction company that you will be able to pay the amount you bid for. You will then be given a bid card that you will make use of it to bid for the property.

3. Evaluation. The going price for the home will generally will be set prior to the auction. Be cautious in placing your bid. You have to match up to the class of the house that is put up for auction before you make a decision to bid for it. You can judge against the house to the additional houses that are sold for certain price. Your aim is to pay money for the best quality of residence without having to pay out as much cash.

4. Value. Previous to the auction begins; you can set a maximum cost for the different houses. This will help out you in controlling your push for to bid on each house. You must not get carried away and bid on a residence simple because there are so many people bidding for it. When you do things like this, you may not be happy with the consequences.

These are a few of the tips that you can make use of so as to be organized in buying a house for a property auction. It is essential to follow these guidelines in order for you to be able to make the most of the worth of your money and at the same time have a matchless property.

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Property Auctions Vs Traditional Real Estate Purchases

Thursday, December 30th, 2016

Property auctions take place after a property has been placed in foreclosure by a bank, lender or government agency. These properties have been places in foreclosure due to the fact that the owner has been unable to meet the repayment demand of his mortgage, his tax bill, has committed a federal offence and a variety of other less consequential factors.

One of the most enticing factors that leads investors to make purchases of properties at auctions is the fact that they are able to make a profit on resale. For home buyers it is a wise choice because they are usually able to afford something a little more than they would normally be able to afford and live in a greatly discounted home. In the US today more people are actually buying foreclosed or properties on auction, than they are making traditional real estate purchases.

As buying at property auctions is one of the more riskier ways of buying property, it is important that the home buyer knows what he is doing. I can’t stress the importance of educating yourself in the foreclosure and auction procedures enough. Homes available on property auctions are a matter of public record and can be found on the Lis Pendens at any county courthouse. Auction sale dates will be listed, so attend a few of these and get a feel for it before making a bid. Online listing services also specialize in information regarding property auctions so make use of as many of these resources as you can.

Property auctions generally require you to be able to present them with a 10% down payment on the bid in the form of a cashiers check, certified funds or money order. If you have ready cash available, I am sure they will accept this too, but who wants to carry a briefcase full of cash to a property auction? Certainly not me, unless I had a couple of body guards! You will be expected to close the deal within a period of thirty days and this means coming up with the remaining 90% balance on the price, plus taxes, closing costs and other expenses. Obtaining pre-finance is a way to cut to the chase and close the deal as quickly as possible. A home purchase at an auction cannot be made contingent upon finding a way to finance it.

Property auctions are held at the County level on a “where-is” “as-is” basis, so it is important to find out as much about the property you have in mind as possible. This means trying to inspect the property, conducting title deed searches and finding out what outstanding liens have not been paid.

Three are thee auction methods used, the reserve auction, the minimum bid auction and the absolute auction. Find out about these methods and which one is to be used in the auction your short-listed property will be sold on. Be careful of the risks and pitfalls and you might just land yourself a beautiful, well discounted property.

Search foreclosures by state or get more information on foreclosed properties at

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Some Phases in Property Auctions

Thursday, December 30th, 2016

Auction is a process for determining the price of a product that has an undecided or changeable value. The method of trading things called auction. At the present time in the money market, a broad version of auction is getting value that is termed as an online auction. This is like a prevail system in which you can bid for services and products via internet. Companies and individuals make use of the site to sale commodities and services hence it acts like an open market for them.

In the manufacturing & construction industry property market is successful. Huge chances are there in the property auction marketplace to claim for the most admirable property and to obtain the preferred price. If you would like to get an entry into the marketplace in property auction then you need to purchase a house at auction. Approximately there are more than 30,000 properties are being sold at public sale in each year. The auction is broad term in itself that presents huge chances for a vast group of properties.

One should think that why a particular property is being promoted? And what is the possible reason behind it? There is a lot of reason behind this and liability can be one of them which compel an individual to go for public sale. The most important plan that comes around of auction is making more revenue and requirement for the property and it possible because of bargain. The money runs behind the seller when there are a lot of dispute and announcement for the similar property at special values. Bargain should not effect in the failure of the purchaser and it should be completed in a reasonable form.

You should get the information about the on hand properties and all the factors of auctions, on the time when you are in the announcement lists of the public sale house. You need to judge the uniqueness of the property before buying the one. Moreover, before you are going to buy a property it is compulsory to make clear judgment in your mind about the property which is put up for sale. You must see that the property that is being sold is up to your expectations or not because if one time the agreement is completed then it cannot change and this may be complicated to convert it afterward.

After getting all the related information about the auction you must go to see the site. The reason behind this, it will facilitate you to make your mind up with regards to a lot of other facts such as climatic situations, environment, and the nearness of the required shops from the surrounding area & your office. Furthermore you will come to whether that is the property of your choice which you were looking for.

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Buyers Make Revenue From the Property Auction

Thursday, December 23rd, 2016

For any real estate possessions, property auctions are absolutely money-making and profitable for both the buyer and the seller as well. Property auction is also carry out in the identical manner as any other public sale. The real estate property is placed up for public sale. Most of the public are paying attention in buying the property and make a tender. Whoever will bid the highest that person only acquires the property.

When the financial state of affairs or economic conditions are not good during that time a lot of houses and properties move up toward sale in auctions. The seller of a property is enforced to put up for sale his home due to non-payment of loans and to keep away from dreadful credit histories. In this situation the seller wants the transaction to be over and done promptly. He needs to get the money, even if revenue that he will get less than the market value. Let’s see how a buyer makes profit from the property auction:

  • The buyers of the property are capable to make an immediate purchase. They can get the place at a cheap rate. The property auction is set for a definite days of the week.
  • The decision of the proposal whether to bid or not has to be taken extremely fast. The limit which is lower for the property has to be fixed. Merely a attracted person is allow to make a proposal and that person need not have to pass the time for the vendor to accept his proffer. If the person has made highest bid then the residence is mechanically will go to him.
  • The buyer is having the authority to decide on how much has to be proposed. The bid may be more or less than the market value. Often it will be normally less than the market value.
  • Buyer always comes with a financial plan keeping in mind, so that he can make up his mentality whether to propose the premier prize or not.
  • Buyer can be outbid, in which case he does not obtain the possessions. He absolutely finds to get revenue since he wishes to get the property and he makes out closely how much he can pay for it.
  • The buyer easily recognizes who are competitors for him in public sale. He always tries to bid against them only. Buyers try to have a knowledgeable property auctioneer for super visioning and proceedings.
  • There are some rules of the auction for seller which bound him to sell the property to the highest bidder, even though somebody else later on proffers him a superior price. Consequently the buyer of the property gets the profit from the property public sale.
  • The seller is paying attention towards selling his property in a property auction and will not try to go away or reverse on it.
  • Moreover seller will not sell the property to someone else. Therefore the buyer of the property will get the profit from a property public sale.

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Guide For Selling a Property at a Property Auction

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2016

Guide for selling a residential property at property auction. An auction is a well-organized and cost effective method of selling a property at an auction and, if geared up in a proper way with intensive marketing, promotion and mailing which will give you the best possible result in the greatest possible publicity of the best offer put forward.

To get the most out of the effectiveness of the marketing, considerable consideration should be given to the guide cost, which needs to be customized to create a competitive bidding in the property auction room, thus making sure that the finest price is being pulled off. Even though a number of properties are more appropriate for sale by private agreement, taking this way does present worries over conditions such as selling cost and timing of exchange and conclusion.

Selling at property auction however, put forward a high degree of confidence that a sale will be done on a specified day and, considerably, on the fall of the gavel an immediate binding agreement is created. As far as this negotiation is acceptable the complete sale process, from instruction to exchange of agreement, is attained in a period of six to eight weeks.

There is the additional benefit of the sale being completely crystal clear and unfasten, if you are selling in a fiduciary competency.

Property Auctions tender a vastly method of sale allocating for a phased or entire disposal programmed, by selling it to the individual lots therefore exploit receipts for those dealers, who desires to sell a large number of properties. For this mainly all kind of possessions are appropriate provided that a preserve reasonable price is arranged.

For various sellers who vary from property companies to banks, private investors, housing associations and local authorities, an auction is considered as the best possible way of sale.

If you want the best potential advice from property-auction organization than you have to submit the few information like your address, description, photograph, Tenure and Tenancy in detail, site and floor plane and anything else which you believe to be material.

The organization endow with an approximation of the possible contract price of your possessions at property Auction, after receiving all the information from you. They may send you a copy of regular agency contract setting out the terms and conditions, collectively with a projected reserve.

When the maximum reserve price is decided, they will take your sign and keep that as a confirmation according to instructions and on that time the Entry Fee turn into payable.

Previous to any property auctions sale, advertising will start roughly around three to four weeks. Various form of marketing will be used such as catalogues, e-marketing, Targeted marketing and advertising & PR.

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Seized Property Auctions Are Good Deal For Huntsman Delights

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2016

Seized property put up for sale all the way through government auctions and police auctions are a money trove for good deal hunters. There is a huge collection of products which are new and used one, advertise at price less than retail price, at times less than 10% of marketplace value!

The meaning of seized property is that a property which has been taken over by the state or central “seizure laws”. This law allows confident government agencies, such as US Customs, the IRS, DEA, or even police departments to grab hold of property that was use or obtain illegitimately, such as a vehicle or motor vehicle which is used to carry stolen goods or against the law, drugs, or property bring in or imported inappropriately.

If a drug seller use the currency he attained from drug trafficking to purchase a automobile, motor vehicle, ship, even a house, they appear under the category of “seizure law” and will be taken away. Furnishings, jewels, painting, and electronics even these products are able to be seized.

The numbers and kinds of seized property that is put up for sale through government auctions are unbelievable. You can purchase automobile and motor vehicle, boats, old-fashioned, trinkets, office equipment, even airplane. And they are able to be had for too little pennies on the dollar.

This auction is able to also be on the commodities that were seized by Customs. The attack may also be for smuggling, or offensive import, even malfunction to give import duties or levied taxes. The US Customs agency frequently grabs hold of whole consignment containers jam-packed of property. A lot of times, these consist of brand new-fangled commodities that were initially likely for retail store sale, and are now being close a business all the way through a government auction.

Government auctions and police force auctions are under arrest separately by each organization, from central government organization like US Customs, the FBI, IRS, and DEA, local metropolitan government and civic sheriffs section. Every organization is in charge for holding its own auctions, a few online, a few at particular site.

So how do you come across these seized property auction riches?

There are fundamentally two ways: primarily, you are able to look through listings, other than it you can pay out countless hours as each organization holds its own auctions and they can modify every day, weekly, etc. Alternately, you be able to unite a government auction association site that put up all those listings collectively in a place. Membership site show a discrepancy, on the other hand, so prior to signing up are certain you verify out review such as those set up at Government Auction Site review. Seized property auctions are factually cache troves of commodities.

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Tips For Today’s Property Auctions

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2016

Good news for novice property investors: auction sales. Nowadays, buying a first home or an investment property at an auction has undergone a paradigm shift. It is no longer reserved for seasoned portfolio investors or those people with mountains of cash. Property auctions have become a great way to purchase a property for a profit – especially since so many properties can be bought at a price well below market value.

In today’s uncertain economic situation, buying at an auction is a viable option for those looking for a quick yet cost-effective purchase. Property auctions are fast becoming a popular alternative to the traditional route of having to go through estate agents. A wide range of homes are now being put up for auction. With the rise in the number of properties being repossessed due to restrictive interest rates, properties up for auction have also increased.

Property auctions have also seen more novice buyers coming in. Most people have become familiar with bidding, perhaps due to online sites like eBay and some TV shows. Joining auctions is no longer an intimidating experience. Professional investors, bargain hunters and first-time home buyers are now turning to auctions to find the perfect property at an affordable price.

A property auction is exciting for the seasoned bidder, but a daunting experience for the first-timer. An auction is a heady yet bewildering experience, definitely not for the faint of heart. The number of properties up for auction has increased by over 60% in the past ten years. However, with more people participating, auctions have become a lot easier for the beginner. Before embarking on your first property auction, keep these tips in mind:

* Research beforehand on the property for sale. A good way to start would be to see if there is some information on the property available online. Also, contact the auction for additional details.

* View the property or lot prior to the scheduled auction day. Consider the neighborhood and the vicinity. Ask local estate agents for the going market prices of the nearby properties to determine if the price asked for at the auction is fair and within the current market rate.

* Arrange to have a survey done by an independent surveyor. Most properties up for auction are required to have a Home Information Pack but not a Home Condition Report. Though a survey can be costly (more or less £500), it is crucial in determining the maximum price you are willing to bid and the amount of repairs the property needs. Also, be prepared to consider the survey expenses as forfeited even if you do not win the bid.

* Carry out all other necessary checks on the property before the hammer falls. Seek the advice of a professional for structural and legal matters.

* Organize your finances. Remember that you have to immediately put down a 10% down payment once your bid has been successfully received, with the balance often needing to be paid 28 days after.

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What Exactly Is A Property Auction?

Tuesday, December 21st, 2016

Property Auctions – Why even go there?

Property auctions have been around for a very long time, they are steadily gaining in popularity as the way to buy and sell property effectively. If you’ve ever attended one, you already know why.
Bidding for a property at auction generates fun and excitement purely because of the time aspect of the transactions.
Successfully bidding on your desired property can be done and dusted in less than 5 minutes.

Compare this to conventional estate agent methods where a sale completion can take up to 8 weeks and even longer in some cases. So why doesn’t everyone just buy and sell at auction instead?

The Fear Factor – Many people are just purely too afraid to attend. The butterflies settle in, the legs start to give way; they feel sick and lose the confidence they once had when the original idea was first in their minds. Sounds a bit far-fetched but it’s true.

People would rather let estate agents do all the donkey work for them. It is purely a matter of preference for the individual. I personally can’t understand why anyone would wish to pay ‘over-the-odds’ for a specific property when a similar one at auction can be purchased for a discount, unless of course you’re after the one in the estate agent’s window.

The majority of people attending auction nowadays are the ones building up a property portfolio, buying to rent out or buying to refurbish and sell on for a profit. There are also many people who have decided that even purchasing their first home to live in, is easier than some make out.
In today’s world of frenzied property purchasing and with so much television programmes showing us how easy it is to “buy and ‘do-up’ a property”, is it any wonder why so many people wish to follow suit?

The profit potential can actually have such an adrenalin-rush effect, that, if you don’t understand a few basic principles, you’re doomed for failure …even before you start.

But before you do decide to give it your best shot …even if it’s just to purchase your first home, there are a few stringent rules and facts that you must adhere to and understand fully. Failing to do so could cost you BIG TIME.

So why does a vendor sell at auction?

A vendor (person selling the property) will sell at auction simply because of these main factors:

Properties can be purchased, contracts exchanged, completed and paid for in full within 28 days.
An immediate audience with cash readily available.
A competitive crowd and lively competition can produce active bidding, thus producing a much higher yield for the seller.
The seller reserves the right to accept or reject the bid.
The buyer can win only if he outbids all other bidders.
Not much chance of the buyer pulling out after the gavel has been struck

Changing your mind at this stage or any other stage within the 28 day ‘Pay-Up’ time will result in your 10% deposit being forfeited along with any other fees that the auctioneer may wish to incur.

The types of property being sold at auction are mainly…

1. Repossessions.

2. Private Sale.

3. Government & Local Authority.

4. Commercial.

What is a repossessed property?

More often than not, mortgage arrears are the main attribute to a repossessed property.

The owner falling into mortgage arrears typifies a repossessed property. The lender under these circumstances will then evict the borrower and take possession of the property. The next stage is for the lender to sell the property in an attempt to recover the value of the outstanding loan given to the evicted owner. More often than not, the loan company will accept any reasonable offer even if the price gained at auction is less than what the property was originally bought for.

Cutting their losses doesn’t exactly mean the loan company will lose money. There’s always more people to burden these costs by way of administration fees, rise in interest rates and of course the almighty ‘redemption’ penalty.

Private Sale

The majority of auction room purchases are private sales. Individuals wishing to sell their property quickly with the benefit of having an instant audience for maximum exposure in the likelihood that it will gain a maximum price, provoked by a possible bidding frenzy.

Government & Local Authority Property

You will find many government and local authorities/councils offering properties for sale through the auction houses.

Why? To sell-off tired and worn out properties to make way for new developments.

Either way, many developers purchase these cheaply and normally convert them into river/dockside apartments giving these, sometimes listed buildings, a new lease of life.
Some of the oddities you’ll come across at auction will be: water towers, castles, lock-keepers cottages, churches, farm buildings, old electricity sub-stations and even public conveniences. Yes, people do by them!

Commercial Property

Opportunities in commercial property are in abundance in the UK. Company relocation, downsizing or lease holders selling up can offer the commercial property enthusiast a good form of investment with steady yields and no maintenance costs (these costs are often down to the leaseholder and can be stipulated in certain contracts).

Either way, the quick decision makers are not only able to seek out the occasional good investment, but the whole process of viewing any property; requesting legal packs and completing the memorandum of sale, can all be done inside a few days which makes buying property from auction, an extremely viable method.

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An Outline About Property Auction

Tuesday, December 21st, 2016


Everyone in this world has the dream of buying the property of their own, having the own land or home for oneself is the achievement of our life. Our earth is composed of both land and water and 30% of the earth is covered by land and remaining is covered by water, so it is not such easy to search a land. As technology develops people are also getting developed and there is a tough competition in property auctions. The UK has a total area of 245,000 sq kilometers and it is not such easy to sell the land or buying it because as mentioned above, technology got developed and some fraudulent people are using this technology in a negative way and cheating the others. And there is an increase in property auction in the UK so it is best to go for property auction companies who are genuine and provide you the best service.

Type of properties:

Decide what type of properties are you going to buy, if you’re going to buy only land then give importance to its area, and buying the property in auction has the advantage of getting it below the market value. Through auction you can either sell or buy the property and you can buy residential, commercial, industrial, flats and sites. You can select the place either by two ways, such as choose a place which has all the facilities for livelihood or you can get a land where the facilities are less. The difference is the cost, the place which has all the facilities will cost more and the land which has less facilities cost less, but in future it may increase.

UK property auction:

The advantage of the UK property auction is that you can buy the land below the market value and a report says that almost 30,000 properties are sold at every year, and it is the best auction for the middle class and even higher class people prefer for auction process. Generally when you intend to buy or sell a property it takes a month time and even more, but in the UK auction process you can buy or sell the land within a span of time. In the UK each and every property are sold in auction and you can bargain the price and at the same time it benefits the seller as well. Since the seller sell his land to the person who quoted more and the process is profitable for both seller and buyer.

UK auction list:

It’s not so easy to buy a property where the total area is vast; the UK auction list is the best way to find information about the properties available. And by auction listing you can find the properties such as used cars, houses, lands and industries, furniture’s and many valuables. Through this listing you can find the appropriate information and also it provides listing service for both buyers and sellers. Many property auctioneers are available in the UK and it is best to select the auctioneers who provide the best service.

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Benefits to Look For in the Property Auction

Tuesday, December 21st, 2016

When conversing on the topic of real estate property auctions, you must know certain basic issue about these auctions. First of all you must know what is the meaning of Real Estate property Auction? A real estate property auction is a valuable and secured way of selling real estate properties at an open cry, competitive bidding. Secondly, how the auction is going to be beneficial for the buyer or seller? Real estate property auctions will immeasurably benefit the buyer and the seller.

What are the benefits options for the Seller?

Buyers come well planned with deposit money foremost to immediate sales of properties. This is for the purpose of avoiding long-term carrying costs, including taxes and maintenance. Sale of a property at an auction will give you the true market value for the property. The real estate which is for sale is made aware to a large number of pre-qualified outlooks and thus there is a possibility of the auction price being over and above the worth of a negotiated sale as there is going to be competition among buyers. Property Auctions ease the seller out of the bargaining process and eradicate the nuisance of numerous ad hoc showings.

What are the benefits options for the Buyer?

It is a good opportunity for the buyer for lucrative savings as properties are usually bought at fair market worth by the means of competitive bidding. This is sometimes quite often meant for multi-property selling and the purchaser can have a look on many offerings at the same place and at the same time without having to run around. This process of biding eliminates long term negotiation periods and it is the buyer who decides on the purchase price. It is one of the best methods for quick sales reducing the time-gap to acquire the property. Specific dates for purchasing and closing are well known in advance. Buyers obtain complete information on property-auctions through industry package.

A real estate auction is one of the most effective ways for selling real estate. It is also one of the most effective marketing techniques to quickly sell any property through open, cutthroat bidding of the property-auction, and at the fair market value. Fair market value can be stated as the price for which property sells in the open market. When you are listing your real estate by the means of the private sale method, you also have to publish a sales price and have to compete with thousands of other properties. By chance if you determine the exact sale price, you may either sell it too cheaply or if it is overpriced, your property may not be sold and you have to continue to reimburse the maintenance cost, carry costs, mortgage, taxes, and insurance. Carefully designed publicity regarding the auction will attract the required qualified purchasers beforehand of the auction date.

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