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Allsop property auctions

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Allsop property auctions are some of the best known and most well attended of all the property auctions in the UK. Allsop property auctions sell both residential and commercial property, and Allsop acts in many other capacities as well as an auctioneer; they also offer property management services to developers, landlords and other investors; mortgage advice, valuations, affordable housing and more.

We are going to look at Allsop property auctions specifically, so suffice it to say, they’re a large organisation with expertise in a number of areas of commercial and residential property business. One last bit of trivia, they were established in 1906 which makes them one of the oldest firms of property consultants in the UK.

Allsop’s scope of activity in commercial property auctions is vast. They hold around six commercial property auctions every year, normally spread out to occur roughly once every two months. The properties sold are located right across the UK though all auctions take place in London.

They publish their auction catalogue a few weeks prior to the auction taking place. It can be viewed online. This makes the London auctions location not so bad (if you don’t live in the south east at least) since it’s easy to search property auctions well in advance before deciding whether to go to the auction. That said, with the option of remote bidding on both the telephone and via the internet as well as by proxy, it’s possible to bid from virtually anywhere in the world. Allsop offers all these methods of bidding in commercial and residential auctions.

When it comes to residential, Allsop property auctions are just as prolific as their commercial ones. Even more so with at lest one auction happening per month in at least the last three years, and two auctions per month occurring in four or five months of those years. As with commercial property auctions, Allsop makes their auction catalogues available online around two months before the auction date. All residential auctions take place in London, however, the properties being sold are located throughout the UK. It is possible to bid remotely either by proxy (where the auctioneer bids on your behalf up to a specified limit), online or on the telephone. When choosing remote bidding it’s essential to check that it is possible in the particular auction you want to bid in to ensure it’s available.