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Allsops auction property experts

Allsops auction property consultancy and sales providers are a powerhouse (excuse the pun) in commercial and residential property auction sales.

Allsops is an independent company that has been around since 1906. Nothing to do with Kirstie Allsop of property TV shows fame (although her father used to be the chairman of that rather well know auction house, Christie’s), Allsops have shunned the limelight to no ill effect on their success. Their claim of being the biggest and most successful property auction house in the UK is as yet undisputed. Their business is focused mainly in central and greater London, though they also have a Leeds office covering the north.

Allsops is divided into three business areas: auction, investment and valuation. Their auction property services include providing advice for people both buying and selling residential or commercial property at auction, as well as a whole host of other property enquiries; investment, landlord and tenant issues, property management, valuations, business rates, insolvency and more. They also hold residential and commercial property auctions and, like any good auction house, have a comprehensive website in which future and past auction sales can be explored.

Their commercial auction services see a large number of prestigious as well as up and coming or investment property, in locations throughout the UK. Current, past and future auction catalogues can be viewed online. Seeing the selling price of properties in completed auctions is a good way to get an idea about the actual value of an area. This can help to provide a guide when setting a personal bidding limit for a lot. It’s also possible to see unsold lots and bid remotely on lots, either by post, online or over the phone, and there’s lots of advice for sellers too.

Allsops also handle residential property auctions; their website details the same information as is available for commercial property. This includes completed, current and future auctions, unsold lots, alternative bidding methods and selling advice. At a residential Allsops auction property is sold throughout the UK, though again it is mostly that it will be located in the South East of England, although the company’s Leeds office deals with residential properties in the rest of the UK.

Once you’ve bought a property, Allsops offer a huge range of property management services too. They currently manage a portfolio worth a capital value of £1.75 billion, in conjunction with property management specialists, Collier & Madge. Together they deal with financial, landlord and tenant, statutory compliance and property maintenance matters.