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Auction property site – why it makes sense

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guylarge1The first step to finding cheap property at auction is usually the internet. Though if you type ‘cheap property at auction’ into a search engine (e.g. Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.), the results won’t be all useful. Choosing different words to search for will produce a better return of useful information; auction property site is an example.

If you think like a search engine, you’ll quickly learn how to speak its language. The term ‘auction property site’ tells the search engine that the first and therefore most important thing to look for is an auction. So, the SE can first narrow its vast store of information down to auctions, auction houses, auction locations and dates.

Then, the next word ‘property’ tells the SE you’re looking specifically for auctions which sell property. Finally, ‘site’ means that you want to know where property auctions are happening, or find a website that can tell you the information. If that sounds like taking the long way round, it isn’t. Property auction websites have the advantage of being able to present a vast range of information from a whole host of sources, and it’s together conveniently in the same place.

Could you say that entering ‘cheap property at auction’ is as logical as the previous search? Well, no, because ‘cheap’ can mean absolutely anything that can be bought or sold. And there’s a lot more of that than there are auctions and auction houses. It also helps to think about the provider of the service you’re looking for, because they’ll primarily advertise themselves as an auction house, rather than a property business. Like an estate agent is firstly an estate agent, rather than simply a property business (which could cover anyone from a mortgage advisor to a developer).

Search engines are incredibly clever, or rather the people behind them are, but to an extent they work better if we know how to communicate them. That’s not to say that both ‘cheap property at auction’ and ‘auction property site’ won’t both tell you about property auctions, but restricting yourself to the first phrase means you could be missing out on a gem. The best and most productive approach is to search as many weird and wonderful combinations of the key things you’re looking for.