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Auction Property: South East

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If you specifically want to buy a property in the south east of England, there are a number of large and reputable auctioneers based there, in addition to the nationwide auctioneers. When looking for a property to buy, no matter if it’s commercial or residential, search around because even though it’s easy to find several auction houses and numerous properties for sale through a simple search on the internet, it’s worth delving a bit further in to the world wide web.

Just because an auction house online source is smaller, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s worse. In fact, smaller can be better because there’s less competition from other buyers and more need to entice buyers than the more established auctioneers.

As for selling, if you’re looking to auction property south east location, you’ll probably attract more potential buyers selling at an auction in or near to the area the property is in. It’s highly advisable to advertise it widely, or choose a property auction house which has a large customer base and advertises its auctions nationally. This is usually the case given the global reach of internet advertising, though with so much competition, it’s a good idea to promote your own property too and select an auctioneer which advertises in various sources, whether online directories or the national press.

To make your search for auction property south east located easier, here is a list of some of the larger auctioneers based around or focusing on property located in the south east of England (this is not an exhaustive list!):

Clive Emson – a large, long established auctioneer representing commercial and residential property and land. Clive Emsen holds auctions in Maidstone in Kent, Brighton and Southampton.

Barnard Marcus Auctions – auctions are held in Covent Garden, London. They sell property located al over the UK and specialise in London and the south east.

Andrews and Robertson – London based auctioneer specialising in London and the south east. They hold seven auctions a year, selling residential, commercial, freehold and leasehold properties.

Brendons Auctioneers – a London based and focused auctioneer representing both residential and commercial property.

Ensure you choose an auctioneer that holds at least some, if not all of the following. Membership of the National Association of Estate Agents, National Association of Valuers and Auctioneers and the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors are indicative of a reputable auctioneer. Most importantly should hold OFT and the Property Ombudsman registration. Whichever auction house you choose, ensure they hold some or all of those reassuring accreditations and membership to industry bodies.