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For an auctioneer property value is affected by a number of things that are in the seller’s control. Just like when marketing a property for selling through an estate agent, it is vital to have the property looking at its best and at the very least clean and tidy. So while you can’t change the location or the size of your property, you can show it off in all its glory and attract the highest possible valuation of it. If the auctioneer is impressed by your property then they’ll push the bidders for a higher price than if, say, your property looks like it would be a lot of work to restore to a habitable state.

Whether you are buying or selling property at auction, it is essential that you use an auctioneer who you are happy with. Carry out research on as many auctioneers as you can to ensure you find one who either specialises in your type of property or area or has a good reputation (actually this last point is vital whatever the auctioneer’s area of expertise).

The best place to find property auctioneers is on the internet. Search for them through a directory first of all, rather than searching the individual propertylocated a number of them, or searched via the category of property you’re looking for, then you will have a list of auctioneers you can research more thoroughly through their own websites. In summary, use a directory to hone your search then begin in earnest to delve into the auctioneers’ information to make your mid up about which one to use.

If you’re selling a property then this is always the way to go. If you’re buying a property you will of course be guided by the properties themselves rather than the actual auctioneer. In any case it is always worth doing your research on the auctioneer before attending one of their auctions, as you could find out helpful information that will stand you in good stead on the day of the auction.

For an auctioneer property sold at the highest price means a better cut for them. The auctioneer’s commission accounts for 2.5% to 3% of the total value of the property (the seller pays the commission) so it’s in their interest to sell a property at the highest price. Having said that, they’re also keen to sell as many properties as possible as no sale means no commission for them. So, buyers and sellers can have a great day at auction.