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Property Auction Northwest

Liverpool City ShotWhether you’re looking to purchase a property at auction in Manchester, Liverpool, Chester, Kendal, Ellesmere Port or Alderley Edge, you’ll have much more success searching for ‘property auction Northwest’ than, for example, ‘property auction Manchester’.

That’s because many auction houses include lots from a much wider area than a single town or city. After all, if you were selling a property you’d want to advertise it to as many potential buyers as possible so you wouldn’t want to be restricted to a small geographical area. Selling property at a big auction gives sellers a better chance of finding a buyer, and they give buyers a better chance of finding a great property to buy.

A quick search on the internet (via your favourite search engine) for property auctions in the Northwest will return numerous venues with many auctions happening every week. Auction is still the best place to buy residential and commercial property at much less than the current market value. The economic downturn, while it’s not a cheerful topic, has led to many more repossessions which means more properties for sale. Auction is quicker than selling through an estate agent and this has been the case for a couple of years now, and that doesn’t look set to change anytime in the near future. Right now it’s a buyer’s market, and the best place to buy is at auction.

These are some of the venues to find a property auction Northwest:

  • Eddisons
  • Sutton Kersch
  • Armistead Barnett
  • Baker Wynne Wilson
  • Cheshire Property Auctions
  • Denton Clark
  • Edward Mellor
  • Farrell Heyworth
  • Fisher Wrathall
  • Gascoigne Halman
  • KVN Stockdale
  • Main and Main
  • Meller Braggins
  • Miller Metcalfe
  • Nicholas J Banner & Sons
  • Pugh and Company
  • Wright Manley Chester

As you can see from this list, property auction northwest side is big business. This is great for finding property, but if you want to know what each auction house has available for sale and when and where they’re holding auctions, you could be in for a long search. Rather than locating the websites of individual property auction venues, which would be very time consuming, the internet is a wonderful resource for searching for lots in the wider area you’re looking at, like the Northwest.