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Property auction sites

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Property auction sites can refer to a website where property auctions are held, all online (similar to that global marketplace, Ebay). Property auction sites can also be a database of upcoming property auctions taking place throughout the country. Some property auction houses allow online remote bidding at their auctions (in addition to phone bidding) which is great for bidders who can’t get to the auction but would rather not bid by proxy or over the telephone.

To find out which auctions are happening in your are, or to search for properties by location that are being sold at auction, a property auction database site is the perfect way to quickly access the information you want. These property auction sites allow you to search by auction location or property location, and residential and commercial properties alike.

There are specific online property auction sites where all the properties are sold through an online auction. It is similar to other auction websites like Ebay, though they are different in that the auction times are usually within one day, rather than over a few days. Because of the large amounts of money changing hands in a property auction sale, it is preferable to have the auction taking place over a shorter space of time to make it as much like a traditional property auction as possible.

When selling you property at an online property auction, there is usually a flat fee to sell the property though it is still a good idea to market the property as much as possible. It is advisable to sell your property through one of the better known online property auction sites because that way you property will get more exposure. Still, marketing it yourself will only increase your chances of selling at a higher price.

Many well established auction houses, that have been around a lot longer than online property auctions, now allow online bidding. In a way, it’s much like phone bidding or bidding by proxy as the bidder is not present in the auction room.

Allsop is one of the oldest and most well known property auction sites. They run residential and commercial property auctions in London, with properties for sale located throughout the UK. It is possible to bid via their website, making it in effect an online property auction except there are also phone and in-person bidders.