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What is a property auction catalogue?

A property auction catalogue is a list of properties that are due to go up for sale at an auction. Catalogues are produced by the particular auction house holding the sale or an auction information provider. Some auction houses also produce catalogues of unsold properties.

A property auction catalogue was traditionally produced in hard copy. That is, a paper brochure which was the only format available until the internet provided a cheaper way to distribute this information. Most property auction websites, both auction houses and further reaching general property auction websites detailing numerous auctions, offer property information online. This is both immediate and free. With a hard copy property auction catalogue, you would have to wait for it to be sent out in the post, whereas an online catalogue can be accessed immediately.

Hard copy catalogues often attract a charge. This is never more than a few pounds and is simply to cover the costs of printing and postage. For popular auction houses, the numbers of catalogues sent out is likely to be high, so it’s easy to see why they might want to cover these overheads. Online catalogues are much cheaper because after the initial compilation of the information, it can be reproduced in unlimited number for pretty much nothing.

A catalogue produced by an individual auction house contains only the properties being sold at one of their auctions, though it is likely that it will cover a number of auctions over a period of time. An auction information provider (the most comprehensive ones can be found online) includes properties from a number of auction houses. This is better for the consumer because it enables a search of all the properties at auction in a particular area or price range, regardless of which auction house is facilitating the sale.

Catalogues of properties that have failed to sell at auction are also available. This type of property auction catalogue is usually provided separately to those for future auctions. Buying unsold property is a great way to get a property bargain. If a property hasn’t sold at auction, the seller might decide to keep it available for a certain amount of time at a reduced price in the hope of shifting it, albeit at a less favourable price to them. What that means of course is that it’s great value for the buyer.

So, where is the best place to get a property auction catalogue? Online.