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We are delighted to inform you that from the start of 2008 Griffin Auction will be re-branded to operate as Auction House South Essex.

Auction House is programmed to be the fastest growing auctioneers both regionally and nationally. The concept of a strong brand identity, proven work practices and a co-ordinated network of auction rooms across the country is a powerful platform. With the support of capable auctioneers and successful independent Estate Agents we are building a genuine alternative to the London based major players.

Initially the major difference will only be a re-branding of marketing materials the core of our business including the staff, venue etc will be unchanged, and the major benefits will arise when the numbers increase. Eventually it’s planned to have a central marketing division, so your property will get not only coverage from your local auctioneer but will be distributed through, newsletters and email marketing to all potential buyers from the centralised mailing list.

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