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I am pleased to announce Ermis Real Estate is offering a free call back service to discuss your aspirations to invest in Greek property. Importantly, they are an agent that works for you, not for the seller.

If you provide them with a name and phone number, they will contact you the next working day in Greece with an informal and no-pressure manner.

Note: Working time in Greece is Monday to Saturday in the morning and Tuesday, Thursday and Friday in the evening.

The initial phone call will be in English and they will ask where and for what kind of property you are looking for (house or apartment, how many bedrooms, business property, plot of land, etc …) and what is the maximum price that you client are ready to spend.

After that that will make a shortlist of properties inside the search criteria of the client and they will send you all the details or those properties.

Why should I talk to Ermis?

The main benefits of working with Ermis Real Estate are:

  • Their knowledge of the market and the local sellers give you the possibility to negotiate better prices than most of the agents working only with foreigners.
  • They have 28 years of experience in the Greek real estate market. Their services are from experienced and very well known local agent.
  • They work both with local and foreign clients and their commission is the standard for Greece, and they do not charge extra our foreign costumers and do not add the commission in the price!
  • They cooperate with many local agents and construction companies and they are able to find any in demand property that is on the Greek market at any given moment.
  • They offer wide range of extra services like: arranging the stay of the customer while he chooses property, insurance of properties and vehicles, property management, arrangements of fractional property (option for buying a property for a fraction of the price)

If you are interested in property for sale in Greece, please fill your details below for a call back. Once you have filled in the form we will show you the latest properties they have to offer.

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