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We hope the service we provide is useful to you, and if it is there are a few ways you can help us at no cost to yourself.

These things will help boost the popularity of the site, and help us get found in Google searches.

Go on it’ll only take 5 minutes!

Ways you can help

1. Link to us


Simply create a post and paste this link into the text editor:

Please check the link works, if doesn’t then you may have to select the text and choose to make a link.


Copy the code below and place it in an appropriate place on your website.

The link will look like this:

Click here to visit UK Property Auctions

2. Link to us – and include our upcoming auctions

You can also include a list of upcoming auctions on your site. Use our code and the list updates itself automatically – we do the hard work! What you will see on your site is something like below, and if you know some basic HTML you can also make it more narrow, wide, short, tall etc.

<p>Sorry your browser doesn’t support frames, but you can see the content at: <a href=”” mce_href=””>UK Property Auctions</a></p>

For more detail on how to do this, click here.

3. Tell your friends

You can tell your friend in the pub, on the phone, write a letter however you like. I’d recommend the link below which will draft an email, then just add you friend’s addresses. Feel free to reword it in your own words.

Click Here to draft the email or use the social bookmarking gadget (see below) which can also send an email to your friends.

4. Socially bookmark us

If you have an account with Facebook, MySpace, Delicious, Twitter, Linkedin or something similar then please mention us on these, or use the gadget below.

5. Give us feedback

Any feedback on how we can improve the site is much appreciated. Please email