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Here are some books you may wish to consider for further reading. If you know of any more, then please let us know at

Buying Bargains at Property Auctions

Every week, hundreds of commerical and residential properties are sold at auction in Britain, often at bargin prices. Author and property auctioneer Howard Gooddie spells out how straightforward the auction route can be and divulges the tips and practices of this relatively unknown world. –This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

The Pre-Foreclosure Property Investors Kit

Pre–foreclosure real estate is one of the hottest investment opportunities on the market. The Pre–Foreclosure Property Investor’s Kit offers step–by–step instruction and no–nonsense advice on how to find great deals, estimate fair market value, negotiate with sellers, sell your property on your own, and win big in real estate. You’ll learn how to get the best deals on foreclosure properties before they go to auction and utilize simple ready–made worksheets, checklists, forms, and agreements that make getting started easy. Even people of modest means can get into pre–foreclosure investing—all it takes is a little hard work, persistence, and the tools you’ll find in this handy guide.

How to buy a good business at a great price

The Average Small Business Purchase Involves 36 Critical Questions You Must Ask Every Seller, 200 Individual Points To Investigate,
54 Specific Clauses To Negotiate and 73 Key Issues To Review In Every Business For Sale Listing.
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